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Quotes for cat lovers

WILD AND FREE I hope you’re running wild and free now you have gone to eternity, Free from pain and young again as once you used to be. I hope you’re running wild and free, as free as the wind in the trees, Playing and purring in ecstasy, or sleeping and dreaming at ease. I

Quotes for dog lovers

Here are some quotes about dogs and words people have written about losing their best friends. I hope they help and inspire you. Feel free to use them in your own tributes if you like. They are all in the public domain so you can use them freely. If you have any quotes you’d like

Four Feet in Heaven

Your favorite chair is vacant now… No eager purrs to greet me. No softly padded paws to run Ecstatically to meet me. No coaxing rubs, no plaintive cry Will say it’s time for feeding. I’ve put away your bowl, and all The things you won’t be needing; But I will miss you little friend, For

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