Our History

Once a bare paddock

We started with a Bare Paddock

When we started Pets At Rest, Memorial Gardens  – we were faced with a blank canvas! This land has been used to grow grain since Tasmania was first settled and no native tree has been allowed to grow since that time. Pets, People and the Environment, needed somewhere where the past could prepare for the future.  So from this dry windy plain to a steadily increasing beautiful landscape, we Grow Green with Love

We fenced off  a good size area and started small with native shrubs and soon the Gardens and its community started to grow.

We started small with Native shrubs.

Then we began small with Native shrubs.

This year we have introduced for everyone, our Living Gifts/Memorial Trees so that everyone has the opportunity to help the environment, by sponsoring the growth of a native tree.

In 2009 we are moving further ahead with our new Office/Showroom. Now we can sit and chat in comfort, when someone phones ahead to say they are coming.

Also the outdoor area is moving from Planning stage to doing stage very soon!

When we have a funeral now we can truly farewell our pets in the style they deserve.

Our 'first' trees now 8 years old - really for adoption.

Our 'first' trees now 8 years old - ready for adoption.

While we are still ‘ in the early stages of development’ it  represents our philosophy – of working towards a sustainable environment.

Someone once said that we were a ‘ bit homespun and  folky’ lacking the gloss and polish of some companies.

Well, I thought about that and wondered just how much damage had been done to the Environment to get that ‘Gloss’ and ‘Polish” ? I also asked the question ” How many tears can you soak up with a Glossy brochure?’

Pets At Rest, Memorial Gardens started from a bare paddock and has grown because Pets, People and the Environment need us to make small steps every day towards the future. You can read more About Us in this section or check us out on video.


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