Cremation Services Price List


(Nothing to pay until your Pet is ready for collection)

Our 3 types of cremation:

  • Standard (Ashes Return)

  • Premium (24 hr service)

  • Scatter (Memorial Gardens)

All cremations are strictly individual, and take place in our very own Crematorium, right here on site. Your pet is never out of our care. You are always welcome to visit, to bring your pet here if you prefer to and or collect them yourself.

Standard Ashes Return

Your pet will be ready to come home in 2-4 working days

Includes: Collection of your Pet from home or Vet, Individual cremation, Ashes returned to home or vet, Velvet bag with Certificate


Birds, rats, guinea pigs small exotics Pet under 5k $180.00
Pets 5-15K $250.00
Pets 15-30k $290.00
Pets 30-60k $350.00
Pets over 60k $450.00
Pets over 70 k POA

Collect your Pets Ashes from the Memorial Gardens By appointment SAVE $ 10.00


Your pet will be returned to you within 24 hours

If it is important to you to have your pet cremated and their ashes home to you within 24 hours or the same working day we can assist you. There is a surcharge of $120.00.Please contact us for more details. ( Launceston and East Coast clients may take longer)

Scatter (in our Gardens)

Collection of your Pet from home or vet, Cremation, Ashes scattered in Memorial Gardens.

Pets under 30 K                                  $150.00

Pets 30- 60+ K                                     $250.00

Memorial Name Plate in Rockery Add $12.95

All Cremations are INDIVIDUAL and take place in our well established  Licensed Pet Crematorium situated here onsite. Please be assured that we will treat your Pet as the family member we know them to be.

To assist us in providing you with the best possible service, please complete an PET OWNERS WISHES FORM 2014 so that your wishes are clearly understood.

Our information and support options are available here on the website or simply call 0417 147 331.  Text us if you require a Return call. 

You are always welcome to visit the Gardens. Please call ahead if you would like to have  to one of our caring staff, meet you for a cuppa and a chat.

Always feel free to call and discuss your pet’s needs with us and be assured of a warm and friendly ear.

Pay Online

For your convenience, if you would like to pay for your pet’s cremation online you can use the Paypal options below. We recommend you have a chat with us first in case we can assist you with anything such as payment plans.

Select from the Standard Cremation or Scatter Cremation options below. For extras (eg Memorial Name Plates) please see price list and individual pages to add to cart. If you need a Premium 24 hour service please contact us.

Standard Cremation

Type of Cremation

Scatter Cremation

Type of Cremation

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