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In Tasmania for the last 15 years and Our family owned/operated service is still here when you need us. 

More then Pet Burial and Pet Cremation, Pets At Rest, Memorial Gardens,Tasmania can offer you many Options including our Our On site Crematorium means that you can come and see exactly where your pet is being cremated. Why not come down for a visit before this difficult time.

How do you say thank you?  

Honoring a lifetime of unconditional love from our wonderful animal companions can be a tough call!

Whether we think of them as friends, companions, or pets, our special animals enrich our lives enormously.  Because we love them we want and demand the lastest and best options for their care, including what happens to them after they pass on.

Pets At Rest Memorial Gardens is well known in Tasmania as a complete service for pets and their people since 1998. We offer a ‘One Stop Service’ for both you and your loved family member in this most vital stage of your journey together. In addition we offer a variety of products which people all over Australia can purchase On Line.

On this site, you can learn more about the services and products we  offer by following the links in the menus. You can also browse through our free resources and other information that we hope will help you deal with the grief of losing a pet.

While you’re here, you might like to grap a cup of your favourite beverage and visit our beautiful online Memorial Pages commemorating our wonderful pets lives and loves.  Here you can read, or post your own, heart-warming photos and touching stories  honouring our beloved friends , especially those who have left this life and moved on.

Just as the Native Memorial Gardens,where our old friends now rest, are nutured by each new pet, with your support – this site will develop and grow, providing living lasting memories and practical service and support.

Losing a pet is life-changing and devastating for many people. Take heart, there are options you can explore to properly honour the significance and love of your pet, while at the same time helping you cope with your grief and sadness.

Remember! When you need someone to talk to before, during or after the loss of your pet, always feel free to contact us at Pets At Rest, Memorial Gardens.

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