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picture of sophia - she is black, white and tan. And fluffy.


Sophia-White was affectionately known by her family and friends as Sophia.  She was born on 18 October 2001, and came into our family as a twelve week old kitten whose first owners had to re-home her due to illness in the family.  As soon as Sophia came into the family my four year old (at the time) corgi x foxy dog Toona took her under her doggy wing and raised Sophia as her own pup.  Sophia was a very playful kitten who became a cat who left her mark on everyone she met whether it was with her personality or her claws.

She was a beautiful cat to look at, and she knew it.  In fact she knew it so well that she became the queen of the domestic section of the cat shows.  I still have the ribbons.  In fact Sophia was the sort of cat that the word queen was invented in the English language for.  With her beauty and her charm, she certainly wooed crowds.

But unfortunately Sophias life was marred by illness.  She lost a litter of kittens that died inside her and gave her blood poisoning.  This in turn damaged her liver and, at the tender age of seven years she went into liver failure.  However once I found the right vet, Sophias fighting spirit came into play and she made a shall we say 99% recovery from near death.

She loved hiding in bushes, sunning herself and following me around, even to the bus stop when we lived in Glenorchy.  She would sit in the garden wherever we lived and come running up to me when I got home and talking to me.  She would then follow me inside chirping, as though she was greeting me.  She also developed a new love hissing at people.

It was something that, wherever we lived and whoever I knew, Sophia would always become famous for.  She would hiss when a stranger came to the door or into the garden the way a watch dog barks.  With that and following me around, sometimes I suspected that she was in constant identity crisis and thinking she was a dog.  Perhaps being raised by a dog didn’t help.  She was often known as the dog cat.

However, two weeks before she died her liver got up to its old tricks again.  She started not coming home when she usually did, and when she finally did come home I knew she was jaundice.  I took her to the vet the one other person apart from me Sophia truly loved and trusted and she was admitted to hospital.  She died on the following day in my arms not long before she was due to be put to sleep.  Her liver had gone into failure again and we suspect that she ended up having a heart attack.  It was Friday, 17 February 2012 at 6:05 PM.  She is survived by her human Milanka (me), her dog Toona who brought her up and her fellow cat Haiti.

Rest in peace Sophia.  You are still loved and truly missed.

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