Losing a Pet

Did you know? The grief we feel for a pet can be as strong, or stronger, than the grief of losing a person we love!  Yes, it’s well documented that:
  • Pet owners rate themselves poorly when it comes to how we manage the final stages of our pet’s life.
  • Many of us feel that our ‘actions and reactions’ at this time can actually prevent us considering having a new pet.
  • Pet owners need the same level of support and range of range of options, clearly explained to them as those dealing with human loss.
  • Similarly, those who have lost a loved pet need the same understanding and support and the OPPORTUNITY to talk to someone before, during and after the loss of a pet.

We who are owned by a special pet, are naturally more concerned with the emotions than the mechanics of pet loss. It’s vital for us to be confident we have made an informed choice about the afterlife of our companion, and that we feel sure they are entrusted to someone who truly understands our concerns. At Pets At Rest, we offer care, comfort AND choices when you need it.


We care deeply about three things:

  • Our Well established Garden You
  • Our animal companions
  • The environment we share with our animals.

Our services and products aim to fulfill our commitment to all three of these concerns.

Please take the time to Contact Us – whatever stage of life your Pet is currently experiencing.

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