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Honour Roll –

Thus far this year:-
It has been our privilege to provide Care, Comfort and Choices for these beloved four legged family members.


Angel, Chrissy, Target, Sparky, Gregor, Mog Mog,

Elsie , Jack, Hairy, Scottie, Holly, Michael,

Bud, Juniper, Rat, Cheeky, Joel,

Penny, Jackson, Jessie, Bart, Bronte, Millie, Lucy

Chicane, Rusty, Kipper, Luna, Sarge, Bungy, Paris,

Ella, Gypsy,Goya, Tassie ,Cleo, Bouf.















Many others who have a ‘ Country Burial.




When a family member passes away –



We need to say 

Thank You for a Lifetime of Love”

 Remember me by:-

 à Gathering up all the photos of our time together.

à Going to our favourite places.

à Take time to go down to the 

    Memorial Gardens and sit a while.


Talk About me:-

 à To family and friends.

à To others on the website

à To our Vet or 

à to Lindy on 0417 147 331      


Honour my Memory By:-

  Donating to animals less fortunate then I was

à Purchase a ’Thank You Tree’ for me

à Or Perhaps a Memorial Tree for me.

 Perhaps you want to Decorate my grave as others have done in the gardens.


 Live On  – Enjoy Life—as you would if I could still be with you:-




     Our Pets can Leave us,

     Confident that in their Lifetime,

     They gave 100%

     110 % of the time,


      So they leave reluctantly,

      But quietly confident ,


    That our world has been better,

    For their short time with us.


It is up to us now , to go and

Fulfill their wishes for us.


Life, Love, Happiness and No regret.


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