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None of us like to think of the day when we will have to say farewell to our beloved companions, but a little preparation now will save you a lot of distress later.
If you’d like to set up arrangements with us for the future please fill in the “Planning Form” at the bottom of this article with your details so we can contact you to discuss your options. If you like, we have options for you to pay ahead (in a lump sum or by instalments) for your pets funeral arrangements, to help ease the future financial and emotional strain of losing your loved family member.

You can also download and fill in the Pet Owners Wishes PDF (directly below) as an authorisation form to print off and give to your vet to keep on record. This tells the vet what you want done in the sad event that your loved companion passes away. Please right click on the link below and click “save as” to download it to your computer.


The Planning Form is directly below. If you have more than one pet please fill out and submit a separate form for each one.

Planning Form

NB: For current costing please view the PET OWNERS WISHES FORM 2014   and the service price list. Retail price List, July 2014

Your name.
Pets Name
Your address
Your email address
Pets date of birth
What kind of animal is your pet?
Can you tell us what you love about your pet?
What is your telephone number?
What kind of service would you be interested in?
How many pets do you have?
Please tell us the details of your vet.
Do you have a picture of your pet
Do you authorise Pets At Rest to organise funeral services for your pet?
Please tell us what you see written in the box!
Please tell us what you see written in the box!

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