Cremation Standard Ashes Return

Collection of your pet from home or clinic, individual cremation, ashes returned to your home or vet, velvet bag with certificate.
Return of ashes within 2-4 working days

Cremation TypeDescriptionPrice
Cremation Standard Ashes Return Birds, Rats, Guinea Pigs and small exotic animals under 5kgs$180
Cremation Standard Ashes ReturnPets 5- 15kgs$250
Cremation Standard Ashes ReturnPets 16- 30kgs$290
Cremation Standard Ashes ReturnPets 31- 60kgsFrom $350
Cremation Standard Ashes Return Pets over 61kgs $450
Premium Creation If it is important to have your pet cremated and their ashes returned home within 24 hours or on the same working day we can assist. There is a surcharge of $120.

(Service to rural and regional may take longer)

Please contact us for more information

Standard cremation cost + $120

Urns and BoxesVarious sizes available$90ea

 Burial Service

Burial TypeDescriptionPrice
Country Burial NO visitation or decoration $100
Private Burial - Under 30kgsGrave, Marker, Tree, 5yr lease, Graveside service$135
Private Burial - pets 31-70kgsGrave, Marker, Tree, 5yr lease, Graveside service$190
Private Burial - pets over 71kgs, Family plotGrave, Marker, Tree, 5yr lease, Graveside serviceFrom $300

Scatter Cremation

Collection of your pet from home or vet, cremation and ashes scattered in the Memorial Gardens.
Scatter Cremation TypeDescriptionPrice
Scatter Cremation Pets under 30kgs$150
Scatter CremationPets 31- 60kgs$250
Scatter CremationPets over 61kgsP.O.A


Memorial Tree


Memorial Tree TypeDescriptionPrice
Thank You Tree Carbon Paw Print Reducing Tree - Numbered tree to visit$25.99
Memorial Tree with Engraved name plateIncludes Thank You tree and Memorial Name marker$45






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