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Last years rainy period was great –

Not great at the time when we didn’t see the sun for weeks – but Great in that the dam is full and the trees are really getting a move on.

Welcome Rain in late 2009

Welcome Rain in late 2009

For much of 2008-2009, we were buying water to keep the trees in the Gardens alive. While it did keep them alive, it was not enough moisture to encourage growth.

The rains were welcome and while 2010 has started with a blast of hot days – the gardens do have some stored water to keep them going.

The dam is full, and water is now available.

This years issue is to keep the lawns mown –  where last years issue was keeping the ground from blowing  away in a dust storm.

How much has your tree grown since you were last out to visit?

Come on out and see what is growing now!

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